We can help you successfully design and implement a wide range of solutions, including remediation, configuration, implementation and optimization of Network, Servers, Datacenters, Virtualization, Cloud


RBA Associates have the technical expertise (with multiple certifications from leading industry vendors) and the business experience to help you successfully and efficiently complete your IT projects.

We can help you successfully design and implement a broad range of solutions, including remediation, configuration, implementation and optimization of:

  • Network devices, routing designs, and software
  • Firewall and security appliances and associated policies
  • Servers, storage, and software
  • Backup and disaster recovery solutions
  • Virtualization
  • Cloud (AWS/Azure/GCP)

Our project-based IT technical services can help you rapidly build and deploy even the most complex solutions; you pay for what you need, when you need it.


RBA Associates can provide any mix of Level 1, 2, or 3 troubleshooting and remediation of a broad range of IT issues, including:

  • Application, server and network performance issues or outages
  • Server software upgrades
  • Storage hardware and/or software performance issues or outages
  • Virtualization
  • Backup and restore problems
  • Security policy implementation


Our security consultants can help ensure that your operating environment meets industry standards, and can address all aspects of PCI compliance, including:

  • Development of specific configuration standards for servers
  • Implementation of automated configuration deployment solutions
  • Installation of security applications such as intrusion detection and file integrity monitoring
  • Configuration of system level applications for PCI compliance
  • Firewall rule definition and implementation


Many IT organizations are either planning or actively engaged in the process of moving all or part of their application inventory to virtualized servers or to the cloud. RBA has extensive experience in planning and executing these migrations, and has staff with the right expertise to support these efforts. We have certifications from all the popular virtualization vendors, including VMware and Microsoft, to ensure a smooth transition, and have hands-on experience migrating and managing mission-critical applications to a wide range of cloud providers.


From servers to network devices to the latest storage and security solutions, RBA consultants can design, configure, install, and support your unique solution. If physical installation is required, RBA will even deploy our resources to ensure that your gear is properly handled.

RBA configuration management services help you effectively and efficiently manage your IT assets. Our custom-built solution provides management with the high level information they need to track and manage assets, while our detailed cage, rack, and U-position information for each device allows your staff to quickly identify the gear they need to access on an operational level.

Power and cooling loads are tracked for each device, and aggregated at the rack, row, and cage level, helping you manage and maximize data center utilization. Our solution even tracks service contract status and expiration date information for all your IT equipment, helping you to plan and manage your contract renewal costs.


Rarely do you get the luxury of building your computing environment from scratch.  In almost all cases, your IT operating environment has evolved over the years — new applications get brought on line, capacity is added, technology is upgraded and new technologies are added to the mix.  RBA can help you make improvements to your organization’s technology environment by streamlining operational processes, minimizing risk in enterprise critical projects, and measuring and optimizing resource utilization.

Our optimization services allow organizations to address IT strategy, operations management, and optimization holistically, thanks to our proven ability to evaluate, plan, and deliver complex enterprise infrastructure programs with minimal risk. Our consultants have the expertise and real-world experience, combined with the best tools and industry best practices for virtualization, consolidation and optimization.


As IT technologies evolve, and as new applications are brought online, many data centers struggle with the challenge of ever increasing demands for power, cooling, and space. In many cases, with proper attention, data center lifespan can be significantly extended.

Our critical facility optimization solutions can help you:

  • Reduce stranded data center capacity
  • Improve infrastructure reliability
  • Prolong system service life